As of lately, I’ve been into artists that have a retro feel to them. I guess I shouldn’t say “lately” as it started back in 2004 when my taste for music shifted from pop to quality bands like the Shins and Kings of Leon (before they sold out). Yeah, there was the angsty teen phase I went through with my obsession of emo / Punk / Pop (who am I kidding, I’m still not through that phase) but for the most part I like music that I connect with emotionally and takes me back in time. Maybe it’s my “old soul”, but whatever the case there’s some really great retro stuff out there and Liz Vice should be on your radar.

This year we saw Leon Bridges blow up within 3 months after SXSW, and I expect nothing less from this artist. (By the way, if you have tickets to the sold out Leon Bridges Fillmore show and need a partner in crime — I’m your gal. I’m really fun I swear).

Liz Vice’s sultry and soulful voice sounds like it’s straight out of Motown (let’s be real who doesn’t love the music played during Motown Monday’s at Madrone, so you’re going to like this). Let it be noted she is categorized as a gospel signer but what’s that really mean? Even before I watched the video I knew she was signing about vulnerability which is a subject that knows no religious or spiritual bounds. If you’re human, you get it.

I’m always looking out for new music to share so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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