I first stumbled upon the non-acoustic version of this song, later to realize Jessica made an entire album of Elliott Smith covers with Seth Avett (of the Avett Brothers). If you’ve known me since 8th grade, you know that I LOVE Elliott Smith. Even if when I listen to his songs it means I’m in a deep, dark depression and probably at home alone eating a carton of Cherry Garcia ugly-crying silently to myself over my record player (yeah, its been known to happen). As I listened to this album of covers, I was pleased to hear the raw intimacy and vulnerability that Elliott had in his recordings carried through by Jessica and Seth. However, this posting isn’t about that album (sorry, maybe another time) and since later this week there will be a different song with a pretty intimate blog post associated with it, I’ll save the personal stuff this song conjures up for an AMA offline chat.

Regardless, Jessica Lea Mayfield has a beautiful, beach-vibe sound like you’re around the bonfire singing together with the waves crashing in the background. In both the acoustic and beach- rock album version, it feels like she’s re-experiencing her pain in an effort to relate. As if saying, “Hey girl (or boy). I get it.”

Needless to say, I decided to add this song to my Spotify “One Day I’ll Play” playlist and have proceeded to learn the chords (not very well). Wishful thinking.


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