M83 // WAIT

Here’s a little bit of a throwback for #tbt. But the Kygo remix is pretty good too. Start your day off right and feel inspired šŸ™‚

I dislike the term “catching feels”. It’s not like it’s something you can avoid like the flu or get rid of like an infection. It’s something that just happens. It happens when you don’t expect it, want it or even think it’s logical. Fu*k! It’s really not logical.

Sometimes I have to remember it’s ok to have a huge heart with a space for everyone in there. It makes you stronger and a better human being on this planet. We all need more love. We’re all looking for more love. We’re all capable of love.

So, let it happen. Next time you “catch the feels” lean into it. Don’t run away or try to avoid it. You’re only hurting yourself. Open yourself to the infinite possibilities of compassion and selflessness. Be vulnerable and take chances. It’s always worth it.

At the very least you may find yourself in a window overlooking your city doing unthinkable things that now make you blush, in a foreign country exploring like a local, at a tea house getting your face painted in the lap of someone awesome, or eating an amazing burrito after an amazing show with an amazing human.


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