This song is a distinct memory from spring break Freshman year of college and is definitely on my soundtrack to my life (an iTunes playlist I keep locally and private, sorry friends). We were only a few months into our relationship but decided to take a road trip together from Colorado to Utah to see my Dad, ski / snowboard the Wasatch mountains and then head to Moab for some desert hikes and camping. Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I knew on this trip we’d be together for the long haul because not only did we have a great time being together non – stop, (not to mention stranded in bum-fu*k Wyoming) but when I played this song and got super weird in the middle of nowhere with the windows down you smiled with your adorable dimple and got weird with me.

Looking back, I cherish how weird, vulnerable and raw I could, and still can to be with you even though our relationship has changed drastically.

What’s this song remind you of?


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