Kurt Vile is another artist I fell in love with the moment I first heard him on the radio. All his lyrics are so conversational and make me feel like we’re sitting in his living room getting to know each other after a long night out at a dive bar. While his tone feels casual, his words are profound in resonance. I completely understand how important music is for Vile which is why I can’t seem to get enough of this album.

Kurt’s new album is a perfectly balanced cocktail of folk, indie, and hazy raw emotion (though not overly depressing). Every song is different enough to keep the album interesting but cohesive enough I feel as though they’re telling the story of the album. A few of my favorites below:


Pretty Pimpin – Self explanatory. A great song about admitting and committing to your own personal insecurities.

I’m an Outlaw– I absolutely love the banjo and Neil Young tone paired with the deeply introspective lyrics in this song. “I’m an outlaw on the brink of imploding / Alone in a crowd on the corner”. That feeling that even when you’re surrounded by so many people it’s still possible to feel so incredibly alone.

Dust Bunnies – I love the lyrics in this song. To me this song brings up the feeling of looking for something in the wrong places and looking for short term solutions and quick fixes. Not to mention, I hear some Bob Dylan influences which makes it an automatic favorite.

Life Like This – What I believe to be a positive and uplifting take on the privilege of living. This song hits pretty close to home right now. This song will likely be a song of the day soon with a little story.

Wild Imagination – An appropriate close with a free spirited story. This mellow and dreamy lullaby is on point.


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