RYAN ADAMS // 1989

New Music Monday with the “new” album from Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in its entirety.

Being the girl that I am, (one that tends to fall hard and fast) I obviously count on Taylor to get me through every break up I have gone through since she hit the scene. Her highly relatable lyrics and easy chord progression are staples on my “get over so-and-so” playlist. So when Ryan Adams decided to interpret her album I was very intrigued.


The album as a whole from both Adams and Swift is an interesting commentary on heartbreak in general. What is incredibly interesting when the two renditions are juxtaposed is the different phases of heartbreak for different ages. Ryan, 40 and going through a divorce sounds less optimistic while Taylor, 25 is optimistic and hopeful. To her, this breakup is just more pop hit material and getting her one step closer to the man of her dreams.

Overall, I appreciate Ryan’s attempt to reimagine an album thats emotional content defies age barriers. I must admit his covers feel a bit hallow as if lacking the authenticity that only can come from Taylor’s choice of arrangement and experience. Gallant effort Ryan. I applaud you none the less and thank you for helping me close one door to open another.

Notable tracks:

Blank Space

Wildest Dreams

Out of the Woods

All You Had To Do Was Stay


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