Through all this I am exhausted. I’m numb– feeling nothing and feeling everything at once. I wish I had someone to help me forget for even a second.

There were beautiful moments though that I’m trying to focus on:

Seeing everyone come together for each other. Knowing the moments to be strong for those that needed strength and melting, feeling the sadness wash over in the arms of those that were carrying the burden of strength in another.

The unconditional love a family provides — and actually feeling it.

When venus was out bright with it’s moon after we got the call. The rain coming down so hard as we rushed through the double doors. How the air felt light. How the sun hit the glass peace sign we placed on the window just right so the colors looked like jewels right when you took your last breath. The waitress mentioning a rainbow.

Realizing death isn’t scary as long as you are surrounded by love.



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