The past few weeks have made me think a lot about the important things in life. What is important? What is my purpose?


Connections. More and more so I’m starting to believe that life’s purpose is about connections and the love and positivity that those connections create for you and for you to others. Unfortunately for me, this means there isn’t much room for fear of vulnerability. I met a really cool couple the other night at a party that told me how they met. She had moved from NYC to SF on a whim. She had a few friends she already knew when she moved here but didn’t know many people. One of her friends had a friend (her now husband) that was looking at moving to either LA or SF and was in town checking out the scene. A few weeks of gchat go by and he gets an interview in SF. Their mutual friend wasn’t around so he stayed with her (having only met her once and chatted for about two weeks) for 5 days. That could have been a horrible experience (trust me, I’ve done it), but the leap of faith they both took led them to eventually get married. So, moral of the story, if you never put yourself out there you’re not going to get the love you deserve back (both friendship or romantic relationships apply).

I hope that when I look back at my life my friends and family know how important they are to me. I know I’ve always let my expectations of how others should be, get in the way of appreciating them exactly how they are. I know the walls I build to keep people from getting too close are actually not protecting me but rather making it harder for the the relationships I want most.

“If you have the urge to feel something share it and be honest and own it” – anonymous


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