I believe all people are innately good. I’m not sure what happens along the way that makes people want to hurt others, especially those that are innocent. Sometimes, I am shocked by how inhumane humanity can be. While I am equally in awe of how amazing humanity can be at other times. I suppose, without the darkness there would be no light.

In reflection of the recent events that occurred this Friday in Paris, I would like to declare:

  • I refuse to live my life in fear of the “what-ifs” and “could haves”.
  • I will be more grateful. Even before Friday, I have been noticing what makes me happy and giving thanks for it. Sometimes it’s silly things like the way the light comes through the fall leaves, other times its big things like ALL the amazing people in my life (I am so lucky).
  • I will forgive. People are always going to disappoint, its a fact of life. But carrying around anger because someone didn’t handle a situation the way I hoped they would is exhausting.
  • I will openly tell people how much they mean to me. I can’t be scared to be vulnerable and show my feelings. I couldn’t imagine someone not knowing how much they mean to me and not being able to tell or show them.
  • I will continue to have faith in the journey.




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