The past two months have been a whirl wind! I’m way overdue for an album review…

Berninger and Knopf’s side project, EL VY is a good listen. Though, if you’re expecting an album that sounds like either of their main gigs (I was expecting a lot of the National) then you will be pretty disappointed. However, in true Berninger fashion there are some great one-liners peppered throughout the tracks referencing emotional disengagement along side some of the funky, retro sounds I’ve grown to expect from Knopf.

While the album is enjoyable, it is quite disjointed. There is not one cohesive thread throughout which leads me to believe this is more of a creative outlet rather than a serious band we can expect many more albums out of. If you’re the type of listener who tends to place albums on shuffle you may not notice this fragmentation, but that’s just not how I listen to music.


My Favorite Tracks:

Silent Ivy Hotel‘ – I love this psychedelic and hypnotic song. The creepy funk with the electric orogen is a unique sound not to be expected out of Berninger, while the lyrics most certainly are.

It’s a Game‘ – Typical National sound and again, typical Berninger lyrics regarding emotional distance.

Happiness Missouri‘ – Those guitar though.. yeah, really gets me excited!


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