If you’ve been following the music I’ve been posting lately it’s no surprise I’ve submerged myself into the garage-psych rock scene. I’ve eagerly been awaiting this album and have been overwhelmingly pleased by the delivery.

Incase this is the first time you’re hearing of the Night Beats, they are a Seattle based garage-psych rock trio with a glimmer of old R&B influence. This is really no surprise given Black Rebel Motorcycle club’s Robert Levon Been co-produces and plays bass in the band.

Each time I devour this album (and it’s been on a lot lately) I feel as though I’m on a light drug induced nostalgia trip back in time. Back to 1969 when we put a man on the moon, we withdrew from Vietnam, WOODSTOCK was the most popular music festival and a time when The Doors, Janis and the Beatles were probably on everyone’s mind.

But the album doesn’t just remind me of that time, it was even recorded using the analog methodology of two inch tape so you’re hearing a richer sound, one with the less than perfect crispness we’ve come accustomed to in the digital age. So, Night Beats if you ever read this — thanks for not disappointing me and I hope to see you on tour soon 🙂

Top Tracks (but really hard to choose):

Bad Love

Egypt Berry

Power Child



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