Gosh this song is about everything going on in my life right now! It’s one of those songs you discover just at the right moment in time it feels like the radio is trying to send you secret messages through song (anyone else ever feel that way or am I just straight cray?)


A friend and I talked about how we’re both trying to make sense and simply manage our lives these days. She said she was going to pick some cards out of her angel deck for me when she got home. Of course, the cards she picked spoke to me instantly as I’m about to start my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and know my life is about to change in the most amazing ways (it actually already has started to). Of course, one of the cards she picks is about faith and knowing everything has meaning and purpose. Pair that card with this song and you have the perfect storm for introspection. Play this song really really loud, on repeat and read the lyrics. When you do that, see what comes up. For me:

1 – I feel like everything is moving so quickly and I’m unable to make sense of it all or even move that fast.

2- I feel like I’ve been trying so hard to keep things together in fear of what happens when it all falls apart. Who the hell has their shit together because it sure as hell is not me.

3- I recently got the feeling I lost a friend who I cared a whole lot about and felt like they were the only person in the world who had ever seen me for who I am. It’s rare to meet these kinds of people so I’m really morning the loss of this person from my life.

4- This song is right. You just gotta let it go because its so exhausting to keep it all inside, trying to keep it all together. Because you know what, life goes on and when you lean into it magic happens. Magic is happening. And to quote my favorite movie of all time “‘It’s all happening”.



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