Whitney is not only a perfect name for a band but also comprised of Max Kakacek (formally of Smith and Westerns) and Julien Ehrlich (formally of Unknown Mortal Orchestra). Though only one song is officially released, their beautifully dreamy folk – psych sounds are impossible not to get wrapped up and carried away in.

While this song is beautiful, I can’t help but feel terribly sad and lonely (in a beautifully wonderful way of course). With lyrics as dreamily ambiguous as ‘I’ve been going through a change, I might never be sure, I’m just walking in a haze, I’m not ready to turn’. I can’t help but relate.

You may know I just started my yoga training. In a way the training is incredibly isolating even if I am with a group of 30 or so other individuals going through the same life changing experience. So obviously, I don’t mean literally, but for me there’s been a lot of introspection which has left me feeling lonely (as if I didn’t already feel that way). Trying to find that space where loneliness exists, is recognized but does not make me feel like something wrong is happening is difficult. But that’s part of the process so until then, its going to be a bit like walking through a haze as the song describes.



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