I’ve been waiting a long time for some new music from this soulful Australian. The name of this album is incredibly purposeful. Telluric being a natural electric current flowing near the earth’s surface – and let me just tell you this album has some serious electric current flowing through it. Maybe that’s why it took so long to produce.

As his first full length debut, the album seems to be laced with regret and uncertainty. His soulful and sensual voice makes me truly feel what he’s longing for — timeless perfection.

Check it out for yourself! Though each song is crafted with eclectic care, you won’t find any songs that are overly produced or tailored for the masses. However, that’s not to say they aren’t interesting. How could Telluric be anything but interesting? His voice is so raw, his lyrics are so deep and the percussion heavy tracks are the electric current tying everything perfectly together.

Notable Tracks:

Knife Edge

Wrong Man


Why Dream


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