Overcoats, a female powered band discovered out of the SXSW hype that have the dark and sultry appeal of Daughter with a more folky songwriter feel.  Simply put, they are mesmerizing and have me thinking hard about their songs meanings. This song, to me right now seems to be about the realization of settling.

So what does that mean (without getting super personal here of what is going on in my life)? Sometimes we just go through the motions. We find ourselves in situations with no purpose, doing life with thoughtless effort. In yoga settling in a pose with no purpose is not beneficial to your practice. It doesn’t serve you. I mean, you could do the pose 100 times and never truly feel anything. Literally, nothing– not even the breath which is the fundamental point of the practice.

Similarly, settling into a relationship is non serving as well (not just romantic relationships). In fact, it’s just complacency and is not beneficial to personal growth. What is a life with no purpose or passion? Personally, I’d rather feel something! Some connection, some passion! Maybe it’s that magnetic feeling of being drawn to someone right before you kiss or the electric feeling of that kiss, the flutter of your heart when you are excited to be near or talk to that person. Anything less than that is settling. Ultimately, I don’t want to end up regretting not following my heart and I feel terribly for those that never take a leap of faith and deny themselves that passionate feeling.

“The cost of not following your heart, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had”



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