4 years we’ve waited for the sophomore album from the Lumineers — 4 years! Personally, 4 years ago I was a very different person. Since then I’ve started many different journeys, met so many different people, lost some very important and influential people in my life and yet music, the connecting thread that it is, has always been there through it all. I look back at the memories that are conjured up from the Lumineers first album that came out in 2012 and I see snippets of great times (riding in cars with boys, dancing around, driving with the windows down music blasting to work, singing loudly in traffic on the way to a SF Giants game etc.).

This new album is a great departure from their first album which was so quintessentially 2012 (i.e. “Ho Hey“). Most the songs on that album were relatively positive radio happy songs that would resonate with the masses. Conversely, this album has a few songs I could see being radio hits but none are of the positive toe tapping category we’ve come to expect from the Lumineers. In fact, there’s maybe 2 songs on the album that are upbeat. Many share the theme of disillusion and weariness.

A lot of reviews I’ve read have ripped this album apart but I would like to celebrate the fact that the Lumineers didn’t try to repeat the success of their first album and make an album to be consumed for the masses. Instead they stayed true to their heart and created an album full of expression, deep emotion and lyrics laced with meaning, metaphors and stories with outcomes we can all relate to. Thank you for not trying to out do your last album.

Top Tracks:

Gale Song


My Eyes

Where The Skies Are Blue (off the deluxe album)


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