Ever been so disappointed by a headliner? Well, I hate to be negative Nancy but that was me last night at the Independent. The bill was amazing —Hazel English and Hot Flash Heat Wave — two local bands I’ve been following for a while so when I saw they were supporting Day Wave I couldn’t wait! However, the disappointment crept in when the openers stole the show.

I was so excited for Day Wave and their atmospheric 80’s inspired tunes, and to witness Jackson Phillips’ melancholy beach rock vibe in person. But, what I got was nothing that sounded like their EP. It’s insane what studio magic can do!

While the set did start out a little rocky when their amp blew and it took them a little too long to set a new one up, there was no need for Phillips’ snide remark to “never lend your amp to the openers”. This comment, while maybe sarcastic left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, he helped produce Hazel English’s album and he was headlining on a MONDAY.

For me, the highlight of the show (outside of the openers totally killing it) was when Day Wave did a cover of New Order’s “Ceremony” and having my awesome friends around me to share in the experience.


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