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3 years ago around this time in April a new friend (who is just as obsessed with music as I) and I went to a free concert in Berkeley to see Geographer. Little did I know at this show I would meet my closest friends in SF and a long term and meaningful friendship would be formed. My life has forever been changed since this day with the creation of #TeamGeographer.

Thank you Geographer. Thank you for bringing people together. Thank you for continuing to write and perform music that connects and resonates. Thank you #TeamGeographer for the memories. Thank you for the dance parties at 3 am on a rooftop in “China Terrace” overlooking the bay. Thank you for your support and love.

Tonight you will find me and the rest of #TeamGeographer celebrating our 3 year friendiversary at Popscene’s 21 anniversary show featuring a Geographer DJ set. I hope you can come and support your local music scene! These local artists do more than put their hearts on their sleeve. A lot are being pushed out of SF due to the astronomical costs to stay in SF proper. Historically, this is not what San Francisco has been about — look back to the summer of love and the great bands that have been an integral thread. Keep music here. Keep the love.

Love you, especially all of #TeamGeographer.



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