This weekend was a total live music bonanza! But now I have a bit of a cold 😦 What an amazing show at the historic Fillmore on Saturday where the Seratones opened for Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Now, if you haven’t listened to either band I suggest you do that ASAP as to not miss out any longer. Both bands seem to have blown up after SXSW 2016 so get on that bandwagon! Theres nothing like a band that really puts on a great show so I was super excited when I realized the Seratones were opening for Thao. Both bands have strong female leads (and boy do I love a good female rock star).

The Seratones opened up the show with some killer energy and their usual garage rock n roll. But this rock n roll isn’t just any rock n roll, I mean there is some extra flavor in there likely from their roots in Louisiana. Theres something jazzy and soulful– something that makes them unique and impossible to ignore.  With their infectious energy and vocals that could literally hit the back wall, AJ Haynes (the lead signer) even got down in the crowd for a few songs!  This band is on to big things and I am sure they will be headlining a show of their own at the Fillmore relatively soon.

The show was a homecoming for Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. By the end of a tour stint I can only imagine how exhausted an artist can be but Thao did not lead on to any of that. She brought so much personality, energy and originality to the set. For example, they played old songs, new songs and a cover of “Get your freak on” by Missy Elliott (yeah, I almost liked it better than the original– almost). The highlight for me was hearing a stripped down version of “Millionaire” live. While the whole new album is about the absence of her Father and gaining power back, this song always resonated to me (The lyrics say it all).

All in all this show left me bursting with inspiration. These two women are such positive female role models that I wish I had them in my life when I was in middle school.




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