Coming out of Friday night’s training I was feeling inspired to write. We discussed the types of relationships you encounter in life and the ways in which to engage with them.

  1. Be friendly to the happy
  2. Be compassionate to the miserable
  3. Celebrate those you look up to
  4. Find equinity in those that are evil

I really have been trying to live by most of these for my whole life and didn’t even realize it. However, #4 resonated the most with me. Seeing the evil in certain people and empathizing with them. Therefore, not letting evil ruin the balance of your mind.

Ultimately, that means that those people that have hurt us and done hurtful things to us in our relationships need to be let back into our heart. At first this thought hurt me — I didn’t want to see the good in the douchebags. Then, as I sat with it, I started to think and thank them all because having experienced these hurts and pains opens me up for something so much better and bigger. There are positive messages that come out of the hurtful experiences, vitally important ones. It is ok to be hurt or alone. That heartbreak and loneliness helps with the ebbs and flow of life.

So, here we go a few “thank you’s”:

Thank you to the those that started friendships with me with expectations. That is not a true friendship. You have reminded me not to expect anything, it will only lead to disappointment.

Thank you to the those who care about me not only as a friend but also as a soul mate. You have shown me that that deep connection is possible.

Thank you to those who are unable to stand up for their own feelings and desires. Seeing you deny yourself something you truly deserve has given me great strength to seek out someone who will not deny themselves deep and meaningful connections.

Thank you to the guy that showed me what passion felt like. Also thank you to the other guy that showed me what passion looked like — that was fun 😉

Thank you to those that ask for second chances only to throw them away. You taught me to give them out sparingly and with purpose.

Thank you to those that constantly look over your shoulder for the next best thing. In doing so, you have taught me how to appreciate people for the humans they are and take in the moment.

Thank you to the man that saw the amazing human being in myself before I did. You showed me that when you see this quality in someone its worth taking a risk.

Thank you to the person who asked me why everything had to be with purpose. You inspired me to understand purpose. Doing things without purpose is ok as long as choosing to do something without purpose is my purpose.

Thank you to the person who “lost interest in me” and had the audacity to tell me over text message as if I was an object. You sure showed your true colors (you are mean, shallow a liar and boring) and showed me how meaningful kindness is.

Thank you to the artist who showed me that letting go and having faith are the hardest things to do but it will always provide me with what I need and therefore work out the way it should.



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