You guys, it’s really hard to pick a favorite song from the album but I think it would have to be “Dave’s Song”. Before I get into why I love this song, I want to take a moment to discuss the album.

Light Upon the Lake is probably my album of the year. While the songs themselves sound incredibly upbeat and easy going, each song is laced with such deep melancholy. Each telling a romantic story so open ended you can get lost in your own thoughts and emotions. Whatever you’re going through, have been through or will go through, its sure to bubble up while listening.

I’ve been listening to this album as I had been traveling Europe and each time and place I listened to it something different was experienced. However, when the songs no longer were solely Max Kakacek’s and Julien Ehrlich’s recent travails and more mine was right in my backyard sitting at the beach with a bottle of wine, the cold San Francisco fog rolling in and whipping my hair around. I buried my feet in the warm sand, looked up to find three flocks of pelicans flying overhead towards the beautiful and majestic Golden Gate Bridge and I thought to myself, “shit, I’m fucking cali vibing hard core right now”. I had to laugh because I had been traveling, searching for that feeling in other amazing cities all over the world and yet it was right there with me, like it always had been.

So, why this song when there are so many amazing songs on the album? Put aside the woozy strings and loose bass. Put aside the vintage tone and lyrics of heartbreak.  I feel this song in my bones! It feels like when you roll the windows down and sing your heart out! It feels like the hope of knowing that the dust will settle and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Other notable tracks:

Golden Days

No Woman


No Matter Where We Go



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