Let’s pretend for a second this song isn’t about heartbreak from love, but is about heartbreak from a world lacking love. I love all you beings out there and I want to feel the love back. I want to see love in this world.

“Drink my coffee, wash my face
Put my heart back in its place
It could be right and it might be wrong
But I think of you all day long”

Retreating into music is what I typically do when I’m upset (which has been for weeks now for a number of reasons. The hate is just one of many). Today, I’m greatly saddened by this world we live in. What is going on in this world? Why is there so much hate and acts of violence towards others just because they are “different”. I’m sick of waking up or going to sleep to news as such. I’m sick of sitting here with no words and feeling powerless to making changes. I’m scared for the future of this country. I’m scared for this world.

Let’s please live with Ahisma.




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