From the moment I first heard the single “Life Itself”, I knew this album was going to be another epic hit among the crowds. Glass Animals second album is far from disappointing, though, arguably way weirder than their first album “Zaba” (I’m not complaining). Instead of departing from the sound their fans have come to rely on them for, they’ve upped the ante to take you on a musical trip across the universe through mixing their indie electric beats with their electric noise and tribal sounds.

Within this musical trip Glass Animals somehow are still able to provide a commentary on humanity. Said to have been influenced by some people they met on tour, the album is comprised of a set of character vignettes telling an overall story on how depressing humanity has become. Each episode is an anecdotes romanticizing our most primal pleasures and how depressing humanity has become by giving our pleasures priority in life.  There is something to say for those that open themselves up to experience the pleasures and  discomforts of life. For without the dark we can not appreciate the light.

Top Tracks:

Season 2 episode 3

Poplar St.


The other side of paradise


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