Just like Kevin released two versions of the song, I too wrote two different blog posts for this song. One that is more about the song (both demo and produced) and another about the more personal things this song brings out for me. I wasn’t sure which one I was going to post, but I think I need to get some things out there. Upon this song being released, I literally listened to it on repeat all day.  And all day I thought about a person who I used to be very very close to. Someone I have been blocking out of my thoughts and keeping very distant from personal matters in my life. Someone who was able to see me in a true, honest and nonjudgemental way; A way that no one else has been able to or a way that I would allow. This someone is someone who was so profound in my emotional growth the past year and a half (and probably doesn’t know it). Hearing this song recorded (I heard it live once) made me want to just send them this song knowing they would know its meaning the second they heard the guitar progression and yet, because this person and I have built walls around ourselves to protect ourselves from ourselves I could not. So here we go, I send to you all this amazing track hoping someone else on the interwebs can connect on that level.

I don’t know what else to say other than Kevin is a musical genius. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — This man writes songs that connect straight with my tormented  heart and soul.

Don’t get me wrong, the recorded version that dropped as a single is great! Between the slide guitar and the way it really picks up emotion towards the end with a little help vocally from his female bassist (girls rule), but the demo is more authentic and emotionally raw (like this post).  As you listen to the demo, you can imagine him laying on his bed with his guitar as the words and chords pour out. Simple and perfect, just Kevin’s Dylan-esque voice and an acoustic guitar.



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