Calico Review, the third album by the Allah- las stays true to their vintage surf rock revival vibe, transporting you back to sunny Southern California in the 60’s and 70’s. From the second you put the album on, you can almost see the beach, taste salt and smell the coconut tanning oil all while feeling the sun kissing your skin.

The album isn’t all sunshine and smiles though. Mixed into the undeniable positive vibes that compel your body sway, it has a sense of darkness to it.  Like the knowledge of summer coming to an end, you can’t help but pick up on something a little less bright and free flowing than the previous two albums.

In true San Francisco fashion, we’ve been having our indian summer now in September. The Allah- las will be playing in Golden Gate Park this weekend for the totally free, Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival. I can’t wait to start my morning off with a cup of them!

Notable Tracks:

Terra Ignota

Could Be You

Autumn Dawn

200 South La Brea


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