I haven’t dreamt of you in a while but I dreamt of you last night. You asked me if we were still friends. My response, though a surprise to me, was an affirmative “No”! Upon waking up, I realized it was true. We are no longer friends. The connection we once had was unique. So unique I had never experienced anything quite like it. I could see a future so clearly. A future I wanted you to be part of in whatever capacity from wherever. Knowing you were in this fucked up, broken world and in some small way just as fucked up and broken as me made putting up with the bullshit worth it. Now that’s completely gone.

In this song Hamilton speaks of that feeling. The feeling of having something just as broken and seeing how complete that is. How enough it is. A future of completeness and purpose and then  kissing those visions goodbye as it speeds off in a yellow cab.


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