2016 why do you keep brining us heartbreak? We’ve lost some very influential people this year and this weekend’s fire at Oakland’s Ghost Ship is a devastating hit to the creative community here in the Bay.

San Francisco and the surrounding areas have always been home to the creative. Home to those that think outside of the box. Home to those who are looking for a place to fit in. We are a community of misfits. A community of special snowflakes who celebrate our differences as we wave our freak flags high and proud. But this special place is failing the very people that make San Francisco so desirable — So San Franciscan! This special place has become too expensive for people following their passions and brave enough to express themselves wholeheartedly to live.  While I don’t want to point fingers directly, this horrific news is a prime example of how the housing crisis in the Bay Area is pushing our creatives out and forcing them into unsafe conditions.

I’ve read people say the place was a “death trap” and that it was “illegal” and nothing more than a place for raves, parties and drugs. That is so not the case. This place was a space that people felt safe to be and express themselves. This is a place where people found their chosen family. This space was a sacred and held space for people. People. While it may be very different space than how you or I may choose to live our everyday lives, it is no less a home or a community.

Now more than ever is a time we need to hold space for people. It is our responsibility to create safe, inclusive, creative spaces within our cities. We need to be the space. We need to be the light.

PS. Yes, I know this song is for Paris and to support gun safety but I just think it has the right message about love, passion, music and death. Love & Light.


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