Where are all my Strokes fans out there? I know, most people my age love the Strokes, but when asked if they like their new albums time after time reply back with a scrunched up face. Though, they will go on for minutes raving about the older ones. I personally, get emotionally nostalgic when listening to This Is It. I instantly get transported to 2002- 2006 with some very close friends from High School. To this day, whenever we are all together at least one song from the album is always played.

The Strokes have been like an ex boyfriend who goes off and screws around, only to come back and prove that things are the same but now more evolved and more mature and yep, it can work! The past few albums have been them making music that is less favored by their fans. Yet, we all still keep listening, following and clinging on to what was. That my friends, is what this EP is. It is the return of a classic sounding Strokes with more depth and maturity. The EP titled, Future, Present, Past is a pretty good mix of their old and new sound. This song, OBLIVIUS is very reminiscent of the classic Strokes sound we’ve all fallen in love with and can’t seem to let go. The guitar riffs that are actual guitars (old sound), mixed with synth sounding guitars (new sound), and Julian’s tourmented and scratchy declarations — sans coke induced post nasal drip (old sound/ new sound), are exactly what long time Strokes fans have been hoping for.


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