This past weekend some friends and I braved the storm to check out this local SF artist, Night Owl at the venue Neck of the Woods in the Outer Richmond. This venue is a hidden gem among the ever changing city scene.  The vibe was just right for that wet, cold and rainy Saturday night surrounded by my two close friends.

Due to the low-fi, acoustic nature of his music, Night Owl (aka Rob) summoned the audience to come in closer. There we were, front and center as Night Owl spilled his guts out on stage and lovingly wore his heart on his sleeve for everyone to bare witness to. Though, he wasn’t the only one emoting that night. Looking around I saw people; some on the verge of tears, others with thin glistening trails of tears running down their faces as they smiled.

It was really wonderful to see the audience connect with Night Owl’s music that way and even more wonderful to meet him in person after the show. He is as down to earth and genuine as his lyrics are to his music. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this incredibly talented guitarist and signer songwriter. Check out his first album, “Divisions” on Spotify and his second, “As Far As Our Eyes Could See”  on his website


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