First of all, this song is great! So soulful and I mean hello slide guitar and saxophone.  How can you not stop yourself from dancing? The message in this song though is essentially about timing and how important it is.

It’s funny how sometimes you meet people and you have a connection with them but the timing is so incredibly wrong. I recently had a heart to heart with a very old friend who I guess you could say I once dated. We looked back on those days with fondness and tried to understand why we meant so much to each other a decade later.

A decade ago the now perceived connection we had and continue to have was skirted under the rug because 15 and 16 year olds can not possibly comprehend the idea that there are others outside of themselves. That relationship initially started for me as an opportunity to push the envelope and be different from the rest of my peers. No one my grade would ever think of dating, yet hooking up with someone so much younger. At the time, you have to remember the age gap between upper and lower class were HUGE. However, at the same time, whenever I was with this person I felt like there was no age gap whatsoever other than in the list of experiences. I felt like I could open up just a little bit more about the things troubling me in my life (and trust me there were a lot). I actually felt seen for who I was and understood not as the girl who people thought I was but for the girl I really was trying to figure out and be. Ultimately though, that juvenile state of mind overwrote the connection, and the prospect of corrupting a younger guy won out.

This is just one example of the amazing connections I have found I can have with people if I let myself and how incredibly enriching they are if you embrace it and allow yourself to be vulnerable. I’m very lucky to have a great “team” of people behind me in my life. If you’re my friend and reading this just know you are a great person. A beautiful person. I don’t surround myself with people who lack the ability to push others to be the best they possible can be through example and intellectual thought. I’ve purposefully (though without conscious intention) cherry picked each person in my life.

I don’t know why people come into our lives, why some stick for decades and others flee but I’m glad for the people who have always seen the potential in me and have stuck around. Thank you!


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