Let’s talk about friendship. The Kills have been together for 15 years! 15 years! Do you have close friends in your life from 15 years ago? I don’t, though I’m so incredibly lucky to have friends in my life that I can be myself in front of without judgement. Friends that I can literally text telling them I’m having one of my emotional “bad” days (aka depression) and they would be there for me in a second. The kind of friends that suggest getting breakfast for dinner but not before we start our meal with a cheery coke float. How did I ever get so lucky to know these people!

I’ve never created a band or a creative endeavor with someone. If I did, I would want the dynamic to be just like Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. I’ve seen the Kills 4 times now and each time I notice something different about them. Usually, I’m so amazed by Alison Mosshart’s stage presence that it’s hard to keep my eyes off the goddess. But this time something different happened. This time I zeroed on in on Jamie who’s guitar technique is simple but effective at getting the crowd amped the way Alison does just with just her mere presence. Alison took a back seat at this show. Often times as his back up dancer and at one point she quite literally sat back and relaxed drinking her beverage with him center stage rocking a guitar solo where he and the crowd got lost electric note by note. Then, in an attempt to bring us all back to reality, she squatted down, ear level with his guitar, and pulled him closer to her. She then looked up at him as only old friends who have become family to you do. Together they shared a moment recognizing what they’ve created together. 15 years together this band was celebrating! That’s no small feat when you think about how intimate the creative process is and how crazy life can be.

The band typically tours as just the two of them on stage, but I believe with the release of this year’s album, Ash & Ice being a bit more produced, straying away just slightly from their grit, they opted to have a full band join them on the road.

It’s been 5 years since we last got an album out of The Kills.  This one feels as though time has made them soft. Their evolution is like relationship sex that started out as animalistic and exciting and as time goes on morphs into meaningful, vulnerable and passionate sex.  Yet it’s still wonderful in its own right, just softer and safe. With that trade off, the new softer side of them allows us to get more candid lyrics and songs that are a little less hard rock. However, they still hold true to the sound and energy we’ve come to expect out of Mosshart and Hince.

Top Tracks from Ash & Ice:

Echo Home

Days Of Why And How

That Love

Hard Habit To Break

Heart Of a Dog

Doing It to Death


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