The Orwells may be young but they have stage talent way beyond their years. When I heard The Orwells back in 2012 I was instantly drawn to them. Yeah, they were young (I think at the time they were all under drinking age) but their garage rock sound was unlike the rock coming out at the time. They encapsulated something that should have come out in the 90’s after Nirvana, before the guys were likely even a thought of being born.

Upon seeing the Orwells live the first time, it became evident they were on the perspicuous of rock – stardom.  These kids were about to do the impossible and live out their rockstar dreams and travel the world like a Midwestern version of the Strokes armed with their rebellious “don’t give a fuck” attitude.

Here we are a few years later, the guys are a little older (I think they can now drink legally) and their third album, Terrible Human Beings is out. This album is not an evolution of the Orwells’ sound but rather a back to the basics garage rock album with amiable anthem-like songs and lots of reverb that results in fun listening, but an even more fun time when seen live.

Within the first few seconds of the first song the entire crowd was transformed into a mosh pit and the energy level was high the entire show. While the lead signer, Mario is great about putting on a pure performance, it would be nice to have an opportunity to actually see who he is. It’s very evident he is not fully comfortable on stage in front of a crowd, even though he is quite entertaining. It’s as if he puts on a mask or persona on stage, hiding his true self, internal conflict and insecurities from his fans. Though, sine the Orwells’ songs lack depth no one seems to mind and as such enables him to keep his fans at arms length.



They Put the Body In The Bayou

Double Feature


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